Learning and Development

Coming from a design background, I enjoy bringing my graphic and digital design skills to the learning industry. It’s not that dissimilar to what I used to do, only now it has a noble purpose. I’m helping people be safer, smarter, be their better selves.

The Cadet Training Mascots

Above: BioGuard Cadet Training, an online interactive application built to teach new staff the basics of pool care.

I strive to build effective induction systems that are engaging and relevant, that align user behaviour with business objectives, and are easy to use and manage.

  • Game-based activities (Serious games)
  • Gamification of existing programs
  • LMS powered learning portal, SCORM/xAPI compliance
  • Online and offline training packages

Ask what they need to do, before you ask what they need to know.

There are many ways to convey relevant information. One of the methods I enjoy using is the Action Mapping, by Cathy Moore. We really should avoid information dump, as there’s only so much information one can retain. Disrespect this threshold and every else turns into noise.

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